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Patch archive built on: 2022-05-13 23:48:29 Friday (UTC +0000)

Patch file: _patch0/orbis/ResidentEvilZero-Orbis.yml

File to be patched: BH0HD\bh0hd.elf

Author: illusion

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- game: "Resident Evil: Zero"
  app_ver: "01.01"
  patch_ver: "1.0"
  name: "60 FPS Unlock"
  author: "illusion"
  note: "As part of Resident Evil Origins Collection."
  arch: generic_orbis
        - [ bytes, 0x329AED, "00 00 70 42" ]
# this is a note for other patch devs
# bhd0 is a little different than bhd1
# first array is game tick
# second array is simulated tick (what we are patching)
# setting both bits to 60.0f will result in double speed
# however, setting only the second bit to 60.0f result in 60fps and no speedup
# cc implemented game speed/frametime calc based on tickrate (absolute hacks :p) for win32 ver
# code path still exist which is why this is possible