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Patch archive built on: 2022-09-29 02:09:31 Thursday (UTC +0000)

Patch file: _patch0/orbis/TheSinkingCity-Orbis.yml

File to be patched: Decrypted eboot.bin

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- patch:
  title: "The Sinking City"
  app_ver: "01.04"
  app_titleid: [ "CUSA13152" ]
  app_elf: "eboot.bin"
  patch_ver: "1.0"
  name: "Resolution Patch"
  author: "illusion"
  arch: orbis
        - [ bytes, 0x02204e3a, "48e831146d00" ]
        - [ bytes, 0x02204706, "e8761b6d00" ]
        - [ bytes, 0x028d6270, "cc41c7048e00008642c4c17a10048eeb0dc744210455558541c5fa106104c3" ]