Please note that you are required to have a exploited PlayStation 4 console on firmware 9.00 or lower to run the patches mentioned in this article.

With the recent release of the 7.5x exploit, I have an opportunity to make a cheat I wanted a reality.

For those who have not played The Last of Us: Part II, there is now a proper cheat system. intended for players who have completed the game once.

Quiet or they’ll find out

When activating a cheat, one expects it to do what it says in the title, right?

There’s a fault with one of the provided cheats, “Infinite Ammo” - Whether this is intended or not is another question, but I wanted to improve on it since it’s been on my mind since the feature was made available.

The issue with this cheat is that ammo still decreases for the silencer, one of the games craftable items for the Pistol.

Video showing cheat active. But silencer ammo still decreasing.

Find it first or it will be gone

I can do a search for the silencer ammo, find it, change the value, and should be it right, right?

Not so fast. The byte for the ammo itself will shift after sometime idling, this makes the process a little difficult. but after a while, I found its memory region and found it within a couple of minutes.

Ammo have been changed to 99
Breakpoint at silencer ammo address when firing
015df257 41 ff 8e        DEC        dword ptr [R14 + 0x814]
         14 08 00 00

This is our instruction for the silencer ammo. Nop this and the ammo will not decrease.

Options are nice

How about implementing this into the cheat that’s built into the game. Sounds simple enough.

Toggling on and off the cheat option in the menu
Hit breakpoint when toggling
003188d0 48 8b 05        MOV        RAX,qword ptr [DAT_037675b0]
         d9 ec 44 03
003188d7 80 b8 ac        CMP        byte ptr [RAX + DAT_000043ac],0x0
         43 00 00 00
003188de 0f 95 c1        SETNZ      CL
003188e1 44 30 f1        XOR        CL,R14B
003188e4 80 f9 01        CMP        CL,0x1
003188ed 44 88 b0        MOV        byte ptr [RAX + DAT_000043ac],R14B
         ac 43 00 00

You can see here that the first instruction setups a pointer, the second compares if isn’t 0, writes 1 to CL, last instruction then moves from what is in R14B, into the specified address.

Let’s make it a toggle.

Knowing that instruction at 0x15df257 decreases the silencer ammo and skipping it does not gives a few clues.

015df257 67 67 e8        CALL       FUN_01404590 // call to cave
         32 53 e2 ff
01404590 48 8b 05        MOV        RAX,qword ptr [DAT_037675b0] //set ptr
         19 30 36 02
01404597 80 3d e3        CMP        byte ptr [DAT_035aec81],0x0 // leftover, not needed in final!!
         a6 1a 02 00
0140459e 80 b8 ac        CMP        byte ptr [RAX + 0x43ac],0x0 //cmp ptr +43ac
         43 00 00 00
014045a5 75 07           JNZ        LAB_014045ae if isn't 0 go to ret
014045a7 41 ff 8e        DEC        dword ptr [R14 + 0x814] // decreae as normal
         14 08 00 00
014045ae c3              RET

Replaced DEC instruction to call to our new location, setup a pointer, compare if is not 0, do nothing, if 0 decrease ammo as normal.



Patch Codes

One More Thing

As you may have noticed, The blog now has a new theme.

Switched from Yet Another Theme to Silent’s version of Type on Strap for a more cleaner design and a few QoL changes.

I have also ported the Infected’s Severed Head Crash Bug Fix to the latest version of The Last of Us Remastered. (1.11)

Also, here is Naughty Dog code for loading section on 1.11.

Official Patch
My Patch

0x2c is framelock but the fact that it doesn’t even work in the menu made me laughed a little.


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