Most of crytek releases utilizing their cryengine has this issue where the frames aren’t being consistently delivered resulting in “bad frame pacing”. In a 30FPS game. New frames should be sent to the display every other frame.

New frame
Duplicate frame
New frame
Duplicate frame

This is what consistent frame pacing should be for a 30 FPS target.

Here’s what bad frame pacing looks like.

New frame
Duplicate frame
Duplicate frame
New frame
Duplicate frame
New frame
New frame
Duplicate frame

As you can probably tell this is not consistent for a 30 FPS update. Can we solve it? Yes! Atbeit with a catch. Input latency will be increased.

Part 1 - Researching Framerate limit

Searching for the fps string comes with with a few results.

Notable one being sys_MaxFPS with the description Limits the frame rate to specified number (int)


Peeking on the reference, the last one caught my eye.

02315821 48 8d 35        LEA        RSI,[s_sys_MaxFPS_02ca3a03]
         db e1 98 00
02315828 48 8d 15        LEA        RDX,[DAT_04632bf4]
         c5 d3 31 02
0231582f 4c 8d 0d        LEA        R9,[s_Limits_the_frame_rate_to_specifi_02ca3a0e]
         d8 e1 98 00

0x4632bf4 Some testing reveals that this seem to be where the value gets stored.

Part 2 - Implementing a better 30 FPS Limit

We can write 1 to ESI which sceVideoOutSetFlipRate will accept as a parameter.

0x0 16.67ms -- 60hz
0x1 33.33ms -- 30hz
0x2 50.00ms -- 20hz
01fadf4a 31 f6           XOR        ESI,ESI
01fadf4c 41 8b bf        MOV        EDI,dword ptr [R15 + 0x128]
         28 01 00 00
01fadf53 e8 f8 a7        CALL       sceVideoOutSetFlipRate
         bc 00
01fadfc4 cd 41           INT        0x41
01fadfc6 e9 58 ff        JMP        LAB_01fadf23
         ff ff

Previous code does XOR ESI,ESI which just writes 0 to ESI.

Writing 1 to ESI requires some code cave.

01fadf4a eb 78           JMP        LAB_01fadfc4
01fadf4c 41 8b bf        MOV        EDI,dword ptr [R15 + 0x128]
         28 01 00 00
01fadf53 e8 f8 a7        CALL       sceVideoOutSetFlipRate
         bc 00
01fadfc4 be 01 00        MOV        ESI,0x1
         00 00
01fadfc9 eb 81           JMP        LAB_01fadf4c

JMP        LAB_01fadfc4
MOV        ESI,0x1
JMP        LAB_01fadf4c

First instruction jumps to 0x01fadfc4 then write 0x1 to ESI and then jumps back to 01fadf4c to contiune the code flow.

We will have to write 0 to sys_maxfps to remove the existing cap entirely.

0210e698 48 e8 1b        CALL       SUB_02c818b9
         32 b7 00
02c818b9 8b 05 65        MOV        EAX,dword ptr [DAT_03b98424]
         6b f1 00
02c818bf c6 05 2e        MOV        byte ptr [DAT_04632bf4],0x3c
         13 9b 01 3c
02c818c6 c3              RET

I picked 0x03b98424 because it is always being executed.

The breakpoint would lead to the address above.

MOV EAX,dword ptr [DAT_03b98424] This just runs the previous instruction overwritten by call.

01f4fdee 48 8d 35        LEA        RSI,[s_r_DrawNearFoV_02c81850]
         5b 1a d3 00
01f4fdf5 48 8d 15        LEA        RDX,[DAT_03b98424]
         28 86 c4 01
01f4fdfc 4c 8d 05        LEA        R8,[s_Sets_the_FoV_for_drawing_of_near_02c8185e]
         5b 1a d3 00


Trdrop Frame Graph Overlay

Notice how the Green line is more stable than the Orange line.


Patch Code


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